The iKi Journey

2 lightbulb moments that have grown into a life-changing program for children, parents, teachers and their families.

How Did it Begin?

iKi began on 17 September 1987, when an idea struck!

“Give a child a stick and they know instinctively what to do; prod, paddle, swing. Imagine, play and learn.”

Created by Kim Macrae – teacher, taekwondo trainer, musician – iKi has become a way of thinking that engages children of all ages in activities to set them on a pathway of healthy life skills, positive choices and lifelong learning.

Over the years as he refined and built the physical components of the iKi program, Kim thought about the values that had cemented his life-changing practice of taekwondo. He was most impressed by the sense of community, honesty and courtesy as well as the respect of learning, support of classmates and friends and the sharing of family and community connections. This led to a second key understanding:

“Everybody feels more secure and valued when they understand what is expected of them and know that the rules are fair and consistent for everybody.”

Inspired by these values and with over 17 years of designing, testing, composing, clarifying and manufacturing, we know that the iKi combination of songs, routines, iKiSticks and iKi Rulz all together is something that can change lives.

The Growth of iKi

From its inception, the iKi program has been continually developed, improved and tested with children, parents, students, teachers and trainers. Based in Dubbo, where Kim and his family live and work, iKi has grown Australia-wide, with early-learning centres, schools, community groups and families adopting iKi into their lives.

In 2003, the iKi Rulz and Pledge as well as the leadership components were added to the classes, and students responded with enthusiasm on a whole new level.

In 2013, when working collaboratively with a renowned Regand Park Early Childhood Centre and its Director, Justine Richards, the synergy between early childhood, positive behaviour and healthy life skills became apparent and iKi was further developed and certified to meet EYLF, NQS and NESA accreditation.

The iKi program is now like a tree with 3 branches: iKiMagic – focusing on toddlers and preschool children and families; iKiSRL – Safe Respectful Learners, a theoretical and practical framework for teachers to use every day; and iKiFit – the Energisers and practical exercises suitable for all ages.

The iKi Crew

Kim Macrae

Founder and Presenter


Born in a small country town called Dorrigo, Kim studied teaching and taekwondo at university. He credits the martial art with his success, giving him reason and confidence to go to lectures and engage with life in a more constructive way.

From the beginning of his teaching career, he was struck by the twin challenges of engaging students in the process of learning and implementing effective behaviour management strategies in his classes.

"I spent a large part of my energy managing the behaviour of a small minority of students. Then both in teaching and in my fitness business I found that many people who wanted to be active and learn new skills were intimidated by classes that demanded a high level of skill to even commence. Many found it too hard or scary to get to the point where they felt confident and dropped out before they could discover any benefits."

Kim realised that many people have limited opportunity to learn physical skills from a young age, and this affects their resilience, persistence and motivation. His passion for iKi, and its years-long development and refinement process is a reflection of his utmost belief in its lessons, and the activities that set kids on a lifelong pathway of healthy life skills, choices and learning.

Kim now has three grown children and three grandchildren. He is actively involved in teaching Subak Martial Arts in Dubbo, and spends a chunk of his time on the road leading iKi Workshops. He is also a keen gardener and musician and loves to swim, walk and ski.

Connect with Kim:
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Amy "iKiMum" Mines

Product & Marketing Manager


Amy first encountered Kim while working on the iKi website for her then web development job. Later, while on maternity leave, she started working more closely with iKi: developing marketing material, managing the social media and soon immersing herself in workshop and class content.

With the arrival of her third child – into an already complex, blended family situation – Amy decided that the simplicity of the iKi Rulz and engagement of the iKiEnergisers was just the right amount of structure, consistency and discipline her family needed.

She adopted iKi into her home and soon saw how her children started becoming happy, healthy, strong, better contributing members of their family and society ... and so an iKiMum was born!

As my own children get older I am finding that resilience is not a given, it is nurtured through life experiences – and the way our young people journey through these experiences depend on the foundations put in place from a young age. Everything I read about "tricky teenagers" talks about the importance of consistent boundaries and rules, because they make our young people feel safe and they keep things fair ... I can confidently say, if there was ever to be a manual on how to raise great kids, whilst building strong family relationships and being effectively invested in our broader community,"The iKi Way" is it.

Amy works fulltime at her local Headspace Centre and is the resident “iKiMum” blogger and ambassador for iKi Safe Respectful Learners. It is her goal to one day quit her day job and just teach “The iKi Way” to everyone and anyone willing to learn this magical formula.

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