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At Powerful Futures we believe in a simple formula:-  Providing contemporary class content, relatable, positive role models and fair,consistent rules, results in more students engaging more enthusiastically in the learning process, - which in turn results in happier, healthier, stronger communities.   

1. Increasing health and fitness leads to better engagement in learning.

A recent 3 year study by Dick Telford in 3 Primary schools over 3 years shows that regular, structured physical activity delivered by good role models has a significant positive impact on Numeracy and Literacy.

The iKiFit program delivers professional, engaging content straight to the Smartboard in achievable chunks. Much of the content of the program features Indigenous presenters and participants which assists with the engagement of indigenous students and models Positive Social Norms.

2. Increasing participation and positive learning outcomes in early childhood development, care and education leads to improved school readiness.

"If a child is not motivated and stimulated to learn early in life, the more likely it is that when the child becomes an adult, it will fail in social and economic life. The longer society waits to intervene in the life cycle of a disadvantaged child, the more costly it is to remediate disadvantage. Similar dynamics are at work in creating child health and mental health"

James J Jackman, Schools Skills and Synapses, 2008. Reprinted in NSW Teachers Federation "Inclusive Education Policy" 2014.

Regand Park ECEC Director/Owner, Justine Richards, identified the benefit of embedding the iKiFit SRL program into their day to day operations with students as young as 12 months learning the program.

We have seen such a difference in the children’s autonomy since implementing the program. They are confident in expressing themselves and are implementing the rules themselves within their play to ensure a safe, respectful environment for all. The program has assisted our Educators in teaching children about empathy towards others and we have found the whole environment has become a lot more positive, accepting and respectful of human differences. The children also love the ikiFit component where they get to dance and sing along using their iki sticks. It is a powerful and positive experience for all and the children are proud of their Power Positive Names and keen to show off their moves!

3. Increasing School attendance and improving educational outcomes.

We know that if children don't attend school at least 90% of the time, they are at risk. Recent studies show that inappropriate behaviours in classrooms cost an average of 200 hours per student per year, meaning students are at risk of losing 20% of school time, even when they are attending. The Safe Respectful Learner Training enhances teachers ability to manage student behaviour - which enhances school attendance. Over the past 8 Years the iKiCrew Student Leaders program has proven effective in engaging young students in classroom learning and keeping them at school longer.

4. Improving school attendance equals Economic benefits for all.

Teaching Social Literacy. Professor James Heckman published The Heckman equation in 'A Strategic review of the NSW Juvenile Justice System. 2010. The study – and other econometric studies like it- provides an economists view of the value of human capital development. His work has proven that the quality of early childhood development heavily influences health, economic and social outcomes for individuals and society at large.

The iKiFit Safe Respectful Learners program helps;-

Engage students in regular, fun, effective physical activities at school which helps their school attendance and performance.

Trains student leaders to be positive role models who mentor younger students, helping build resilience and  Social Literacy

Provides teachers, parents and community members with effective strategies to enhance positive behaviours in the classroom, at home and in the community.