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iKiFit News: Term 1, 2017

Wednesday, March 08, 2017

The Staff of Trinity PreSchool loved their iKi SRL Workshop

iKi Safe Respectful Learners Workshops


iKiFit is excited to welcome the staff of Dunedoo Preschool, Trinity Preschool Orange and Cooloon Children’s Centre Tweed Heads to the iKi community, having recently completed their whole staff workshops.
Upcoming Workshops include: a one day Workshop in Dubbo 31st March, Peak Hill Central over two afternoons on the 22nd and 29th March. Whole school workshops in Warriewood on April 18 – 19th April and Forbes April 26th. Book your place at a NESA Accredited Teacher Training Workshop or Contact Kim on 0411 251 922 for more information.

Free Parent Resource Page


Education is much more powerful when parents and carers are involved. We now have a FREE information page which includes the iKi Rulz Song and the iKi Magic Dance to enable your families to learn more about iKi SRL and also get a taste of what they could access if they signed up for our iKi SRL @ Home portal. Feel free to advertise this through your own networks - include a link in your newsletters etc. Go to this page and grab the link by clicking the Read More button below.

Tell them we sent you!
A great advance in education in recent years are programs that allow you to document children’s progress at school and share with parents via email. One of the best we’ve seen is pencil.com.au . GET a free 1 month trial, by clicking on the website and signing up. If you love it, mention you are a friend of iKiFit to get a 5% discount on your first 12 months subscription.
Using technology to bring our families and insight into their child's development and learning outcomes closer together. What exciting times!

Kim's Thought for the Year. 

Be less bad!
Wow, 2017 is well and truly underway. It’s March ALREADY! Summer holidays are over and we’ve settled into our work and school routines for another year.

I’ve always been one for setting goals and like most people have mixed success. But I’ve found a way that’s helped me make plans for change that work.

Traditional resolutions go something like - “I’ll get up earlier, eat better, do more exercise, give the family more quality time and get heaps more work done” It’s about doing extra. More. Better. Then busy reality sets in and we’re too tired, stressed, or out of time. It’s hard not to let the ‘more’ slide.
A few years ago, I read a blog that offered a way to avoid that risk of failure from over committing. It works like this: Instead of promising more good habits, eliminate a bad habit - which then creates space: time, money and energy, for good habits.

I had gotten into the bad habit of eating way too much sugar. Generally, my diet is great – lots of veggies, nuts, whole grains, fruit, salads, lean meat. eggs, not too much alcohol, lots of water.
But my sugar intake had crept up, with a BIG chocolate hit most afternoons and weekends, plus sugar in numerous cups of tea and coffee, biscuits, ice cream, more chocolate. You name it, they were featuring regularly and it added up. I was making excuses about burning it up and deserving a treat and all that. Meanwhile, I was feeling sluggish, fuzzy headed and generally not well.

Now, I’ve “ just done it” - cut the sugar consumption way down, replacing it with honey, more fruit and veggies, with just one “blow out”’ day a week. I have more energy, a clearer head AND a clearer conscience, – not to mention, less cavities!

Click here to read some easy to digest professional advice 
This may not be your thing right now, but the principle is - dropping a bad habit, can be a great way to build the better you that you want to be, - rather than listing all the things you should be doing ‘more of’. After all how can we expect to be great educators and role models if we don't take the time to improve and preserve ourselves.
So...Just do it, take the time for YOU right now to beat that one bad habit and be less bad!

Best wishes for the rest of 2017,