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Saturday, May 09, 2015

To our family and friends, 

You may remember that late last year we sent a request to vote on a website competition..and a gratifying number did, thank you very much!

We didn’t place in that particular competition but we DID secure a fantastic Sponsor—Reliance Technology in Dubbo - who have helped us with a major “refresh” for the iKiFit and associated NFP, Powerful Futures websites. Pleases take a moment to check out http://www.powerfulfutures.org.au/

Most of you are aware that we’ve been working on iKiFit for many years - since 1997 in fact - and full time for the last 12 years.

In the early years, some people didn’t “get it” –they just saw kids jumping around, having fun dancing and exercising with a stick and chanting slogans. They didn’t see the connection between engaged, well behaved students and improved learning and social outcomes. Not only is iKiFit about engaging people of all ages in learning and healthy lifestyle choices, it’s about values: - of respect, community involvement and work ethic.

It works and we’re proud of the fact the program is helping change lives for the better.
The iKiFit Safe Respectful Learners program is now accredited, evaluated, tried, tested and set to grow.

In the past we have received much needed support from close family and friends and are now at that ‘next step’ and are reaching out to our wider circle. 

As the business space we operate in is dominated by Not For Profits, we have recognised that the way forward is to follow suit and so have established a NFP - Powerful Futures Incorporated - and would greatly appreciate any support you can give. All money raised goes to subsidising iKiFit student and staff training, as well as providing equipment and Learn Online memberships - which help schools and community groups to change lives. 

Please become a donor, sponsor or supporter of Powerful Futures, and for doing so, as a thank you, we would like to offer a choice of special gifts, including iKiFit Music CD, the original iKiMagic DVD and complimentary Learn Online membership, - which you can keep as a memento, use at home or give to a friend, family or teacher to use.

Click here to Donate! 

Please note that at present the Powerful Futures eWay account links to the iKiMagic business account to save on expenses. Rest assured that all monies received will be used and accounted for appropriately.

If you are unable to assist financially at the moment, we really would appreciate ANY help you can give. Share the message around, use the program, give us your thoughts, ideas or contacts.

Meanwhile, try an iKiEnergiser! Click here and scroll down
A strong, healthy body will help you live a better life..

Look, listen, move and have fun. It may even change your life.

Thanks for reading,

Kind Regards,
Kim, the staff of iKiFit and the Board of Powerful Futures

Written by Kim Macrae