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Come on an adventure with Anthony & Ricci the Rhino

Friday, May 29, 2015
We hope you are enjoying the new look portal, and have found the iKiEnergisers: - iKi Magic, iKi Yellow and iKi Green sections via the buttons on the left hand side of the portal landing page. If you have ANY questions or suggestions PLEASE drop us a line. 

In this blog we are introducing the iKi Magic Energisers which are ideal for EC and Early Stage 1.

Many of you would know we have been promising to publish an interactive narrative video for some time now.
We are excited to share the first of many, and hope some of you will be inspired to create your own story to present in your classrooms – and perhaps share with us all, online!

The video below can be found in the iKi Magic section of iKi Learn Online portal. Also available now in this section is the iKi Dance Junior audio file, which features more repetitions of each movement, which is great for EC and Early Stage 1 audiences. And check out the iKi Dance Rhythm which you can use to choreograph your own moves and focus on key fundamental movements relevant to your classroom.

Come on an adventure with Anthony and help find Ricci the Rhino and Cheeky the Cheetah. Have fun!