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iKiFit News: Term 3, 2016

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

NEW iKi Learn Online Content!

AT LAST --- we’ve had SOOO many hold ups with the new iKi Magic Songs and videos Finally they are rolling out.
To see the new iKi Magic Dance presented by Dubbo iKi Crew click here.

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  • Surf’s Up in the iKi Magic section
  • Arts and Crafts Rulz Posters in the Teachers Resources
  • And new songs in the iKi Magic section

Professional Development Workshops

The recent iKi SRL Workshops in Cowra, Orange, Dubbo and Lightning Ridge have been hits with participants and presenters alike. It is so energizing to work with such dedicated educators.

Coming up are workshops for: Dubbo, Sydney, Brisbane, and Canberra.If you would like more information, click here or call Kim on 0411 251 922.

The iKi SRL Philosophy

Clear expectations and fair consequences builds happy, healthy, strong schools, families and communities.

We all know how frustrating it is when we play, or watch, a game where the opposition “pushes the rules” - cheats – and gets away with it.
We know how demoralising it is when our leaders are corrupt, and we are all aware of the difficulty of raising children in a world where celebrities and “stars” gain kudos for flaunting the rules.

A world where some people play by the rules and others don’t.
We know it’s damaging us all: our families, schools and communities.
Out of control sports stars "getting away with it" results in young men thinking it’s OK to bash innocent passers-by.

A recent headline: “Teens out of Control” –Front page, Sun Herald October 5th, quoted research showing that up to 60% of students in classrooms where 1 or 2 students continually ‘get away with stuff’ - become disengaged. They stop trying to learn, and commence ‘acting up’ themselves.
Meanwhile we’re spending millions on counsellors and aids to assist those same students who are disrupting class -further disillusioning the “good’ ones
There is a better way and fortunately the message is spreading.

Witness the imposing of penalties on sportspeople who fight on - or off - the field, along with new laws with hefty consequences for those who assault innocents, The result has been a halving of hospitalisation from Coward Punches in less than a year.

Similarly, clear expectations and fair consequences for not following reasonable guidelines in schools leads to a halving of inappropriate behaviours in just 6 to 12 months. Less suspensions equals more engaged students.

We have strict road rules because it saves lives. We have clear, consistent rules on sporting fields so the game is safe, fair and fun. For everyone.

When we do the same thing in classrooms, our children learn to participate in school, work and community in a positive way.

We all thrive when we feel safe, valued, respected. Things fall apart when we don’t.
Fortunately, this message is taking hold worldwide. There IS hope and we CAN teach our children to be resilient and to be able to make informed, positive choices.

To read about the One Day Positive Behaviour Management Workshops click here.