Dream, Believe, Act, Achieve

Tuesday, February 04, 2014
Last weeks’ blog finished with the proverb “ The teacher appears when the student is ready”. That’s certainly true for me at the moment. Tomorrow I commence two days of ‘Outside the Box Bootcamp’ with Rebel Black

It’s important to remember that the lessons the teacher has to impart may not necessarily be things we want to hear, but rather things we need to learn.

I’ve been talking to Rebel for years and she’s been encouraging me to do certain things. I knew she was right, but I resisted. I just wasn’t ready. Too challenging, too painful and it might not work -and then all that effort would have been wasted.

Which brings me to a desk card thingy on my desk called ‘The Daily Motivator’ which I (very) occasionally use. It has a card with a thought for every day of the year and you’re supposed to turn it each day and get motivated.

Today I flipped it and the proverb was totally apt - “First of all you must believe, but most of all you must ACT as if you believe”

It’s easy to be sceptical. I’ve been sceptical much of my life and know for sure that when we’re sceptical we always have ready-made excuses for NOT acting. On the other hand, I’ve seen so many times that when we decide to believe with all our heart and mind, and ACT like we believe, things just fall into place.

They. Just. Do. It’s a “vibe” thing. And more.

Next week I’m going to tell you about some of the things I’ve witnessed that have - finally - convinced me to stop the scepticism and let things flow.

Meanwhile, I have some homework for tomorrow and have to act on it - so here’s some homework for you.

Think of one thing you really believe in. Just one. I’m not even going to give you any hints. You decide.

Now, what action does that belief require? If you’re already doing it you know that it works.

But I bet you’re like me and have some beliefs you’ve let slip in the follow through department.

So. Now. Dare to try. Believe it. Act on it, - continually - and see it happen.

Remember “continually” is the key, and that Anything Can Happen!

Have a great week.

All the Best,