Rules We Can Live By

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Like the rest of NSW and Queensland I’m looking forward to the State of Origin tonight. I don’t know about the rest of you but I’m kind of hoping the banana benders get up tonight as it will make the final match in three weeks a cliff-hanger. The kind of contest I love the most is the one that goes down to the wire.

 I’ve been talking to  people about the punch up at the last match and the great majority are relieved that ARL has taken the stance they have regarding future fights on field.

Most agree we want to see a bit of aggression in the is a gladiatorial contest after all.  But  the consensus is that it’s high time that the message sent to our communities by our role models is a consistent one. That a sporting field is a place of appropriate behaviours; sportsmanship, control, fairness, respect, safety and so on- and that breaking the rules should be dealt with swiftly, consistently and fairly.

Almost everyone I’ve spoken to agrees that sporting stars are paid huge fees to entertain, but that they are not above the rules. Indeed, they have a responsibility to be role models on and off the field. No more excuses about letting off steam. In a healthy community all live by the same rules.

But, some of us still like a bit of biff in the game.

So here’s a suggestion; Starting with the premise that fighting on field is part of the game, but that our stars –role models – have the responsibility of showing a good example to the fans as well as the community. Why not add some new rules to embed some biffo into the game in a way that is safe, fair and fun and we can all enjoy.

One punch could get a sin bin and one weeks suspension, two equals two weeks -  and a full on flailing (as seen at the match in question)  leads to three weeks suspension with a fundraising boxing match at half time the next time the teams meet.   

Just to add a bit of fun to the mix, if elbows are involved they could make the fundraiser a Mui Tai match, if it involves grappling it could go in THE CAGE. There are enough fighting codes out there to cover all eventualities.

Think of the marketing possibilities!

Imagine Rabs Warren  commenting over the video ref playback...” Yes he’s definitely connected with a knee to the Jatz Crackers there - this will have to go to the cage”  

Talk about having our cake and eating it too. Might bring a whole new audience to the code. Everybody would be happy.