Note to self...It's up to me!

Thursday, September 18, 2014

The BIG iKi - Wednesday 5th November @ 12 noon

We all know our children are our future. We need your help to help us improve student outcomes in schools. Please.
It’s a simple as 123 ABC :-
1. The Big iKi is to highlight the powerful impact effective student engagement, clear, consistent guidelines and strong leadership can have on students futures. 
2. The Big iKi shows how technology and community partnerships are helping change our schools for the better.
3. The Big iKi is to help kick off the Safe Respectful Learners (SRL) Workshops Tour in 2015
How you can help for FREE :-
A. Grab something to use as an iKiStick You can make your own or you can purchase one before the day online at our iKiStore
B. Organise yourself or your whole office or school to join you
C. Click onto the website on the day.5th November at 11. 50 for a 12noon start on a smartboard, PC And do the 12 minute energiser.

Finally, send us an email to let us know you are taking part in the day so we can send you out all promo material associated with the event and catch up with you to see how the event went. 

Note to self.. It's up to me!

I’m guessing there aren’t many of us, when we’re being honest with ourselves, who won’t admit to having spread the blame when something hasn’t turned out as we hoped. 
Anybody who has teenagers in their lives encounters the buck passing phenomena on a daily basis. This can get painful when family members make poor choices but will take no responsibility for the consequences.
I recently came across a quote in a magazine article (about something completely unrelated) that read, “When we go to judgement our maker doesn’t ask anything about family. We are judged on ourselves alone” 
Meaning, of course, we won’t get a chance to blame our siblings or parents!
It struck a chord, so I was excited to read the following article at Flying Solo about an hour later. The headline was ;- 
“ Every time you start to complain about something, stop. Think about how you can take control of the situation and be accountable for it. ”
Their suggestion was that whenever something isn’t going to plan, use these two words ;- 
No. Excuses.
The premise for the No Excuses Mindset is simple. Every time you start to complain, stop. Think about how you can take control of the situation and be accountable for it. The author goes on to give 3 reasons why having the No Excuses Mindset can make you more successful and resilient. 
1. You will get what you want – faster
Have you ever said these words or heard someone else say them? "They haven't returned my email".
Or “I asked them for help and I’ve heard nothing back”

In this situation, ask yourself these questions:
• Do people sign a contract that says they will return my emails and calls? No, so therefore it’s my responsibility to email or call, not wait.
• Is our priority the same as the person we are asking for help or information? Often it isn’t, - in which case it’s up to us to do the follow up – or find another way to get the task done.
• If we need something done that involves somebody else, we’ll get it faster and easier if we take responsibility and “chase it up”.
2. It makes your success repeatable
When you start to make excuses about what other people do to you – or don’t, there is one big problem. What happens to you, good or bad, is not repeatable.
Conversely, if you adopt full accountability, you can analyse root causes for any situation that is within your control to ensure that your success is repeatable, and your mistakes aren’t.
Not accountable
"He didn't call me back, but finally did after two weeks. Why are people so slow?!"
"When I follow up my emails with a call within two days, I always get a response within a week." 
3. Fear will subside
The best part about being fully accountable is that you remove the fear of not knowing. Not knowing how your customer or friend will react, not knowing if they'll call you back, not knowing if xyz will happen.
For the first time, none of these questions will matter because you will be in complete control.
You will have formulated repeatable strategies to create the outcome of your choosing.

In other words. No. Excuses. It’s up to us!

And how much nicer to be able to share credit rather than blame.
Taking responsibility for our own health is easy. A 12 minutes iKi Energiser done 2 or three times a week will soon add up to a new, energised you! Join now

All the Best,
Kim Macrae

Play your Part....or Fake it till you make it

Wednesday, February 26, 2014
What’s one thing sociologists, marketers, Hollywood producers, politicians, teachers and the ‘person on the street’ all agree on?

That we humans love stories – and use them, consciously or unconsciously as roadmaps for our lives.

It’s probably been that way since the dawn of man. Our ancestors would sit around with the rest of the tribe, clapping with joy at the pictures drawn in the dirt of how the hunters managed to bag the woolly mammoth they were all now gnawing contentedly on. Then they would gasp with horror to learn how uncle Ugg was impaled on a tusk when his spear proved too blunt and his feet too slow.

Then, as now, stories provide important information about the world we live in. They warn or thrill, inspire and advise, motivate and help us imagine and set goals.

These narratives help us decide how we should look and behave, what to avoid, when to speak or when to run, the rewards we can hope for or consequences we will suffer, dependent on our choices or actions.

To bring this analogy right up to the minute, we choose our favourite book or film, be it Neighbours, The Simpsons, or Fifty Shades of Colour!  We then take on some of the characteristics of our favourite character and mock or shun the ones we don’t like.

The Logies season is here again and we are told that the best actors practise some form of method acting, “immersing themselves in their characters, to the extent that they stay in character offstage or off-camera for the duration of a project”.

They live the part. And there is the theme for this week. Have a good think about our character and make sure we are playing the role. Sometimes it’s about acting. Fake it till we make it, sometimes it’s about looking at our role model and asking, “What would X do?”

On one level it’s just that simple. We’re all playing a part. If we’re genuine about becoming a great footballer we practise and model ourselves on a footballer we admire – who has achieved their goals. We copy their training patterns, eating patterns, thought patterns, to help build our own character.

This week think about how you want the story of your life to go. Are you writing the script or are you being swept along like an extra?

I’m thinking about how I want my story to end, and thinking about what I need to do to make that happen.

I’m  writing a happy ending and WORKING towards it.

And I’m remembering to be careful what I wish for.

Enjoy the rest of your week. 



Enhance Our World

Wednesday, January 15, 2014
I love pretty much everything about this time of year - the long hot days, the swimming, the fact I’ve just had a break with my family at the beach and am full of energy and enthusiasm for another year.

For me, this is the time to work ON my life and business, as opposed to IN -  to set clear plans, before the real whirl of the year commences with the beginning of the new school term.

So I’m working on getting my vision and goals clear.

There a lots of things I’ve learned from setting goals in the past and the biggest is to get ‘the vision thing’ right.

I’ve learned that to do things well we first need to believe - and to believe it helps to SEE clearly - at least in our mind. Then, committing our idea or ‘vision’ to paper enhances it by orders of magnitude...

To help clarify my vision thing this year I’m adopting a strategy from Justin Tamsett, that is centred on the word ‘enhance’, which means ‘to raise to a higher level, to intensify, improve, to make more valuable or fulfilling’.

Justin says to us “enhance demonstrates respect and acknowledgement that what you are already doing is working well’  - so to enhance our world we start by focusing on the habits, skills and processes that we already use to help us be happy healthy and strong, then identifying and acting on ways to enhance them.

These are the ways I’m going to do that this year;-

  • By being a student. Learning from others helps us improve and enhance our skills, our effectiveness and wellbeing. I’m excited to be committed to courses run by Shihan Nigel McReaddie, Rebel Black and Anthony and Zac O’Leary.   
  • Setting CLEAR goals. I’m doing a two day Boot camp in early Feb to ensure I really get my goals down clearly and then will evaluate and update regularly. These goals will centre on things that excite me to get out and DO. More on this next week.
  • Acting from love. We can look at everything around us as things, people or opportunities to exploit, or we can see ourselves as part of a fantastic universe to share and enhance.

How are you going to enhance your world this year? 



Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Joe Williams BoxerI’m going to deviate slightly this week from our usual “Word of The Week” blog theme.

The reason is, we have been doing lots of talking over on our facebook page lately about the “Sometimes” song.  And I really wanted to share some the back story with you.

The song was written almost two years ago in response to a period of intense grief - in an attempt to come to grips with life. Some of you will have seen early versions of the video clip. If you have, please take the time to look and listen again. Along with some new images in the video, there is now a guest singer who appears from the second verse who takes the song to a whole new level.

 It’s a tune about light, dark, good bad, happy sad, love and loss - and redemption.

It's about celebrating the diversity of life and remembering that no matter what is the words of the Dali Lama “This too will pass”

 It’s a reminder and affirmation that we ALL have good days and bad. That’s life and the universe.

Joe Williams has experienced the highs of playing for the Rabbitos, the Bulldogs and France at 1st grade level, as well as boxing at a high level and of being a hero and celebrity. He has also experienced intense lows from the loss of some of those things.

Joe now has lyrics from "Sometimes" tattooed on his chest.

When I asked him why he felt so strongly about the song he replied:

“I am a person who relates my life and how I feel to Music. Having said that, from the minute I laid eyes on the lyrics to 'Sometimes' I immediately felt a connection.

The song relates to feelings & emotions -to who we are & how we feel. To me, Sometimes, directly reflects how I feel & act everyday and knowing that everyone has, and is entitled to have a bad day. I related so much to the songs that I felt I had to have it tattooed onto my body - as a reminder that every day, somewhere, someone else is struggling and I am not alone in this! And it's OK.

But there are also great days and they will always come again as long as I look after myself, follow my dreams in a disciplined manner and keep the perspective. This is firmly imprinted on my chest - I see this reminder every morning.”

Please have a look at the video and see for yourself why Joe is so attached to the song - and it to him. And please share it.

Meanwhile remember what that wise old guy said... “This too will pass”

Here comes the advertorial; - iKiFit offers activities and tools we can use to manage the challenges and the moods - and make our lives better - to keep up our strength so we can handle the ups and downs, the challenges and opportunities when those "sometimes" occur, as they inevitably do.



The first day of the rest of our lives

Monday, July 22, 2013
Today is the first day of the rest of our lives.... a phrase that resonates as I enter my 58th year.

Like anybody, I can look back and tick off things that I’ve achieved and things that I haven’t. Happy times and not so good. And like anybody else there are things I would like to do better with the rest of my life, things I can do without and others that are working fine, thank you very much!

One thing I’ve learned is that it’s up to each of us as individuals to create our own future.  Our attitudes, our actions and our beliefs make us who we are and create our opportunities.

Another certainty is that the only place we can create a future is in the present. Putting it off till tomorrow, waiting till our ship comes in won’t result in the change we want

Today is the first day of a new series of Energisers. Each week on Monday I’ll send a simple theme, activity or attitude to work on for a few minutes, a day, week or lifetime.

And, yes, I’ll be suggesting, hassling and hopefully motivating you to do an iKi Energiser or SOME physical energiser. At 58 I really do know that works.

So, let’s get back to creating a better future right here and now. How?  Visualise. Take one minute and dream about the rest of our lives. OK, mind off the lotto win. Could happen. But lets’ think of what matters. Happy family.  Healthy activities. Laughs and love. Satisfying work with some security. Being able to do the things we enjoy, with people we like. That’s what I want anyway. I can see it and feel it now. And seeing and feeling is believing.

Kickstart the rest of your life today. Do an iKiEnergiser or  get up, breath and feel the way you want to feel. Like you have a great life ahead.


Exercise - The Minimum Effective Dose

Monday, July 15, 2013
I've been filming and editing for the past few weeks. It’s been great to work with Mitchell Macrae again. Mitch worked full time at iKiFit  for 4 years and has done project work for the past 5.

He and business partner, Benji Wales have been working seriously for the past few years on becoming real film makers and during our recent “shoot” it struck me there is a perfect analogy between film and fitness.

Because we were striving for a professional result, each scene took hours to set up, and we did multiple - I do mean MULTIPLE, takes. And if we were able to, we would have had ten times the crew, with make- up, caterers, PR's and our very own trailers!!! Much like professional athletes.

Most of us can make a video - just as most of us can play a game of basketball, footie, tennis, go for a run, surf, or whatever takes our fancy. But the difference between playing at home or in the local club is the same world apart as doing a home video or a movie for the cinema, or for professional use.

Exercise is the same - If we want to be at an elite level we need to do hours of preparation every day, and have trainers, masseurs, psychologists, the lot. But it’s easy to lose sight of the fact that in practical terms elite athletes are really only performing around 5% better than amateurs who put in a fraction of the time in training and preparation. Just like we can get heaps of personal satisfaction from a simple, self made video we can get great health and fitness results with a Minimum Effective Dose. This article from Gizmodo "4-Hour Body - The Principle of the Minimum Effective Dose" supports this notion perfectly.

Recognising this can be incredibly empowering, because it means that we can actually achieve great functional fitness, skill, and let’s not forget fun, easier than we think.

We can get a powerful outcome by doing as little as 10 minutes of focussed training a day. Take a moment to have a look at the 4 hour body (meaning 4 hours a month).

To understand why this is so important we need to touch on a bit of sports science history. In a nutshell, most of the science we have using for years was based on athletes, by elite trainers, for elite athletes. The ultimate focus was on achieving that 1% extra needed to beat  other elite athletes. What this meant in practise was that much sports science focuses around top end performance improvement, not on base fitness.

If you struggle to make enough time to give yourself that Minimum effective dose of training, can you budget 4 hours a month. That is 10 mins a day? ikiEnergisers are free dudes!

Do an energiser. DUDE.

The cool thing is we can be easily 80% as fit as the professionals at what they do. The extra 20% is entirely necessary at their level...but for us it doesn’t matter much at all - and we get to be able to do the things we want to do.

Energise Your Day

Thursday, May 16, 2013
It’s SO easy to be inactive these days. Machines do most of our work, we can live on pre prepared, fast meals, cars or public transport deposit us at school or  work where our labour is sitting at a desk or terminal. Then for recreation we can choose to sit once more and immerse ourselves in a universe of “inactivities” via more screens.

Fortunately, those who want to be active are well catered for. The opportunities for sports, leisure and recreation are ample, for those who live in or near large urban centres.

However, many of us are sedentary either because the activities on offer don’t suit us, or  the “traditional”  fitness message has been intimidating, ironically encouraging us to find reasons to avoid regular exercise.

The result is that more than 70% of Australians are habitually less active than ideal.

Fortunately our understanding of how much, how often - and what kind of exercise is best to improve our fitness and well being has changed radically over the past couple of decades.

And the message is finally sinking in.

In a nutshell, for most of us, it is actually better to focus on doing  2 or 3 short “energiser” exercise sessions a week of only 10 to 15 minutes duration..or even less.

The way it works is this:

Extensive research has found that one third of a traditional “work out” will deliver  82% of the benefits of the whole hog. So unless you really need that extra 18%, you’re better off stopping much sooner for some powerful reasons.

Even more research has shown that when we just do that first third of the workout :
  • Instead of feeling tired, stiff and sore we feel energised and motivated to be more active the rest of the time, rather than putting up our feet and eating a tub of ice cream
  • Also, we are much less likely to find reasons to avoid our “workouts” and so become habitually more active.

So give it a go!

Try an iKi energiser today. These are set up so you can do a quick Play out that will help you work rest and play. 
Learn Online

A perfect example of less is more. Have an energised day.