When our weaknesses become our strengths.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

We've all heard the phrase 'Blessing in disguise' and are familiar with stories of people overcoming amazing odds to achieve great things. And we all have our own stories of challenges overcome - to achieve our goals or help us identify and stay on our life path.

Those blessings in disguise are the things that afflict us, the 'misfortunes' or accidents that happen, that with the benefit of hindsight or thoughtful perspective, we come to recognise as positives - as they have helped develop our talents, recognise our strengths, or put us in the right place at the right time.

I was a normal enough farm boy growing up but when, in my late teens, I 'discovered' TaeKwon Do (TKD) and found my path in life as an instructor and teacher - I also learned to my horror that I had degenerative arthritis in both hips. This wasn't great news for practising TKD which requires super flexibility, particularly in the hip joints.

There were times I became discouraged, depressed and angry (why me??) by the pain and stiffness. I had to do a lot of extra work, stretching and conditioning, to do things others found easy.

After some years, however, I recognised this as my own blessing in disguise. My "problem" had forced me to discipline myself-something I hadn't done before - and the extra work I had to do made up for a lack of athletic talent, as well as helped overcome a natural inclination to be lazy.

Another affliction that I've been blessed with is a spectacular intolerance of certain foods. Eating them has unpleasant results better not gone into here. There were times I felt I was missing out, but viewed from another angle it's a real blessing, as having stopped eating those foods has resulted in my eating much better overall. Outcome, better health.

I remember years ago when my wife was forced out of a job which seemed at the time to be the end of the world. Now she is SO grateful it happened as it provided the impetus - and opportunity - to find her true path.

So when things aren't what we may wish, we have 3 options ;-

Identify it and be grateful for that blessing in disguise -sometimes hard when we're in the thick of it.

If it's all too much take some time out to get perspective.

Then, we can take a breath and Suck it up.