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What our Sponsors Look Like

Want to help create Powerful Futures for our kids and grandkids? How many of these boxes do you tick?:

  • You are proud of the positive impact your business has; the great people you employ, the life enhancing services and products you provide. 
  • At the same time you’re uneasy about some of the issues we face: the social and health issues affecting communities Australia wide; - disengaged youth, welfare, drug and alcohol problems, unemployment, family dysfunction and break- up.
  • You are compassionate and socially aware - and understand that these problems are generational and can only be addressed from the ground up.
  • You can see the value in social investment and feel it is a good direction for your company.
  • You want to see lives improved, you want to see the circle of opportunity extended to our isolated or disadvantaged, you want to see communities, businesses and governments working together to address problems we all face
  • You like the idea of a long term 'community engagement' program that will help people to help themselves, that will cross ethnic, cultural and social barriers and will appeal to all fair minded Australians.
  • You love the fact that Powerful Futures focuses on strong values, like respect and responsibility, on creating lifelong learners with a sound work ethic, who, like you, recognise the value of work and community involvement.
  • You want to be a part of the solution. 

If you have ticked most or all of the above, please download our Sponsors Information Pack and email to express your interest in becoming a sponsor.

Sponsorship Package Sponsorship Package (396 KB)